When excuses get out of control

yoga-in-del-marEveryone deserves a pass once in a while to enjoy an unhealthy vice, but when reasons turn into excuses, they will never give up their bad habits. It’s when that drink, cigarette, or dessert is a must-have because you had a bad day at work, you were stuck on traffic, or you’re just stressed out, which is basically every darn day, it’s just one excuse after another not to do the right thing.

The people that make positive changes tell me that is wasn’t so hard after all. They feel better, have more energy and feel happy. Maybe they feel happier because they’re finally working toward their goals. As adults, we don’t have a parent forcing us to do what’s best for us. Stop coming up with excuses why you “can’t” and come up with solutions so you can.

Photo: Diane, on the left and I’m on the right, are practicing yoga outdoors near the beach on a sunny Sunday morning

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