How to eat fewer calories in 2017

sushiThere’s so many yummy foods and desserts that are easily available to us so it’s no surprise that most people are overweight. So, why is it that some people are able to resist high-calorie foods, or can stop at just one bite? A lot of folks find food self-medicating. It becomes an obsessive drug that cannot be curtailed. To get that good feeling to continue, they keep eating. For other people, eating too much, or eating an item they consider bad, makes them feel terrible and guilty, but that can lead to anorexia and/or bulimia if food makes them feel BOTH good and bad.

Food should be tasty, otherwise, you’ll feel deprived. Think of food as nourishment instead as a way to cheer you up. Find something else to do that makes you happy. A friend of mine smokes cigarettes and eats fatty foods when she’s stressed out. She says that calms her. What makes me feel good is hitting the gym, practicing yoga, and playing with my cat.

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