Healthy diabetic? It’s up to you.

janMy good friend died on January 1. She was a type 1 diabetic who committed suicide by not administering her insulin. We don’t know when she stopped taking her medication, but she was found in a diabetic coma with blood sugar at 1400 (normal is under 100). Her sudden death & depression was a shock to her friends and family.

Diabetes is a terrible disease that takes lives, but it can be managed. All the things that are a pain, like pricking your finger to find your blood sugar score, taking medication at inconvenient times and places, finding time to exercise, and counting carbs, are to keep you healthy.

If you follow the recommendations, you won’t be battling depression caused by unstable blood sugars. You won’t end up with nerve damage, or have to amputate a leg. You can be a healthy diabetic like me. I know how hard it is because I live it every day.

No matter how bad things get, there are people out there that love you. Take care of yourselves. I wrote The High-Five Diet because I want everyone, yes, even strangers, to live happier and healthier lives. To order your copy, go to

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