You’ve been lied to. These foods are NOT high protein

healthy fats coconut oil, hemp, flax, nuts

More protein is the new selling fad for losing weight, but the non-meat foods touted as high-protein are not high in protein, and they’re actually high-calorie. If you eat too much of these foods, they might actually cause you to GAIN weight. If something has 15 grams of protein, I consider that a high protein food.


To summarize the chart below, lean animal meat has the highest amount of protein with the lowest amount of calories. The grains, nuts, seeds, and beans are either high in carbs or fat, which explains why they have so many calories. A whole can of tuna fish is only 150 calories and a whopping 33 grams of protein, but we’re only supposed to eat tuna once a week due to its high mercury content. To get that many grams of protein from flax seeds, you’d be consuming over a 1000 calories.

This is a great list for vegans to make sure they are eating enough protein. For the meat eaters, you can reduce the amount of meat you’re eating by adding a serving of any of the other items below:

Food Grams of protein Portion size Calories Serving size Grams of protein calories
Milk 16 2 cups 206 ½ cup 8 103
Peanuts 19 ½ cup 414 1 oz 7 162
Quinoa, cooked 18 1.5 cups 570 ½ cup 6 190
Chia seeds 15 3 oz 414 1 oz 5 138
Flax seeds 15 ½ cup 449 1 tbsp 2 138
Black beans 14 1 cup 220 ½ cup 7 120
Oats, cooked 15 1.5 cups 450 ½ cup 5 150
Tuna fish 33 1 can 150 ½ can 16 75
Chicken breast 27 ½ boneless chicken breast 142 ½ breast 27 142
Protein powder 20 1 scoop 100 1 scoop 20 100
Eggs 18 3 eggs 240 2 eggs 12 160


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