To develop perfect muscles, do this

Rick Stephenson and Nina ShantelMuscles provide strength, burn more calories, and give men and women a sexy shape so it’s no wonder everyone is picking up weights.

I asked Rick Stephenson, the owner of World Gym in Pacific Beach, San Diego, now 60, who still looks like he did when he was competing as a professional bodybuilder (but with less hair) how he lifts. He said, one day he will do low reps with heavy weights for an hour or so. The next day he will do high reps with lighter weights, and goes straight from one exercise to another, with no breaks, for an intense calories burn, for 15 minutes straight. The third day he will lift with moderately heavy weights until failure with longer breaks in between each set.

This system activates fast-twitch & slow-twitch muscle fibers so you’re exercising smaller and larger muscles, and shocks the muscles in a good way. This method is preferred because you’re not doing the same workout which your body adapts to quickly, and leads to a plateau where you stop progressing. If you weight train every muscle like Rick does, at least once a week, those curves will soon be popping and getting compliments.

Photo: Rick Stephenson, the owner of World Gym, and me

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