Protein powders, supplements, pre-workout drinks don’t result in fat loss

jordyn-getzAt the gym, big guys ask the bigger guys which protein powders, supplements and pre-workout powders they use, so they too, can be ripped and lean, but none of those will help you lose body fat. Protein powders are handy to throw in a smoothie for a quick pre-workout or post workout meal, but they don’t help you lose weight; they just provide added protein, which is fine.

There’s no proof that supplements help in any way, but there’s plenty of evidence they can cause serious harm. Don’t take supplements unless you’re low in certain vitamins and minerals. A blood test ordered by your doctor will let you know if your levels are in the normal or abnormal range.

Those pre-workout stimulants might help you power through that workout since they are typically loaded with caffeine. They could help you burn extra calories, but those minimal calories burned won’t result in a leaner you. Coffee or tea made at home has fewer calories, fewer side effects, and costs a whole lot less. I usually throw a tablespoon of cocoa powder in my pre-workout banana and coconut milk smoothie, and sip caffeinated tea during training and cardio. The combination of caffeine, simple carbs, calories, and liquids gives me plenty of energy.

Having a scoop of protein powder a day is fine, just don’t expect it to perform miracles. Supplements have their place, but more is definitely not better. Go for natural sources of caffeine like cocoa, tea and coffee. For that lean physique, up the cardio, lift at least three times a week, drink plenty of water, eat lots of veggies and lean protein, and drop the carbohydrates a bit, and you’ll be showing off that six-pack by summer.

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