Don’t let your dentist take x-rays

Fit GirlMost dentists suggest updated x-rays yearly. If you ask the dentist why, he’ll probably tell you it’s to check to make sure your teeth are okay. That’s a half-truth. The real reason is that IF you have a problem, and the dentist didn’t take x-rays, and, in the unlikely event that you were harmed by not taking action to remedy that issue right away, you could argue in court and he would lose the case and pay you for damages. So the real reason dentists take x-rays, is to protect them from a lawsuit. If you tell your dentist, you don’t want x-rays, he will probably have you sign a form that you are choosing not to take x-rays; again, that’s to protect the dentist, not you. You can always request that your x-rays be sent from one dentist or doctor to another so you’re not subjected to additional unnecessary x-rays and costs.

Unless you’re having problems with your teeth, say no to those x-rays. You don’t need them. X-rays should be limited because they inject radiation into your body. The more radiation, the more susceptible you will be to getting cancer.

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