Add this to increase intoxication, & it’s not alcohol.

bar sceneI’m no party animal, more like a gym rat and a homebody, but one of my favorite drinks is a lemon drop martini. I had no idea that sweet drinks get us intoxicated quicker! (1). Adding sugar to an alcoholic beverage is what will get you even more drunk!

I figured that 12 oz. of beer is considered one drink, but I didn’t know that 1 ½ ounces of hard alcohol, or 5 ounces of wine is also considered one drink. Since it takes an hour to process a drink, pace yourself! (1)

My body doesn’t breakdown alcohol effectively, possibly due to genetics and an enzyme deficiency, so I’ll take a sip, and drink iced tea the rest of the party. I’ll let everyone think I’m drinking a Long Island Iced tea so I can act goofy.

Source: Bachus, Tiffani. “A St. Paddy’s Day Primer on Alcohol and Fitness.” Blog Post Type. Ace Fit/Fit Life. 7, Mar. 2017. Web 16, Mar. 2017.

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