Turn your sandwich into a wrap & save 200 calories

burger and friesWhether you want to lose body fat, go gluten-free, eat fewer processed foods, or just eat healthier, eating less bread is the way to go. I used to make mini pizzas with pepperoni, garlic salt, and butter on white bread in the toaster oven, so delicious and fattening. I used to buy freshly baked bread and tear it off by the handfuls and just eat that by the mouthful, so I’m well aware that giving up bread is a challenge.

Since I stopped eating wheat and gluten, I miss certain sandwiches. As I was looking through my recipe books, I decided to make those sandwiches again, but this time, using lettuce instead of bread, and it was still delicious, albeit, much messier.

Using lettuce as wrap for meals that contain mayonnaise works really well and will reduce the calories by about 200. The next post will be a chicken wrap recipe, that’s healthy, high protein, and low carb. Oh, it’s yummy too!

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