Social Media is making us fat & stressed

FitGirl's top posts on InstagramCell phones are stressing us out because we are constantly being bombarded with text messages and notifications from apps. We feel the need to reply to people right away. We want to see how many likes and comments we get from Instagram and Facebook, which our minds consider rewards, and force us to come back for more, where it becomes an addiction. The techies who create this media designed it this way, because that’s what makes a product great and profitable.

While, at times, social media is fun; it can also be unhealthy. People compare themselves to others, and become depressed that they aren’t as popular as they wish to be, which causes depression, a feeling of low self-worth, and sometimes, body dysmorphia. So, people post more to get more likes and more views, and the cycle continues.

This type of stress causes a hormone called cortisol to be released. Excess cortisol causes weight gain and tears your body down. If you’re not on social media much, you might want to keep it that way. I turn off my iPhone off at night, and only use my mobile phone and social media between certain hours, but I know I need to cut down. I too, feel the strain. I’ve noticed that when I’ve refrained from any social media, and have ignored my phone for four hours or more, I feel more relaxed and content. Sometimes I wish I never signed onto Instagram (my current obsession), but I find cute photos and videos of cats, which make me smile and laugh, new recipes and exercises to try, and get a peek into people’s lives who I barely know.

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Photo: These are my top posts on social media site: Instagram aka IG. The numbers represent how many people viewed those photos/videos.  You can follow me on Instagram @FitGirlUSA where we can get stressed out together.

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