Air Pollution Hurts More Than Your Lungs

Fit Girl Tree PoseWhenever I walk by a person smoking a cigarette, I hold my breath and quickly walk past them, not only because it’s stinky, cigarettes contain numerous cancerous ingredients. I no longer run in the park, which is near the freeway, because it triggers an asthma attack.

Air quality is important and hurts everyone. Dirty air causes “…inflammation and damage to blood vessels…” A study publish in June of 2016, showed that those who breathed in more contaminated air, had higher blood sugar, and poorer cholesterol levels (1).

Don’t smoke. Don’t exercise near cars, or when air quality is at unhealthy levels. Close your windows and put your AC on when you drive. Don’t buy products that don’t use renewal resources. Whenever there is smoke from a fire, close your windows tightly, and put on your air conditioner. Buy certified organic foods (to avoid pesticides spraying in the fields and in the air). Don’t wear perfume; it’s full of toxic chemicals. Put on nail polish outside in the shade, and switch to a safer brand like ella+mila. Try to use hair clips instead of hair spray. If you use hair spray, quickly use the warm setting on your hair dryer after spraying it to dry the product. Use tanning lotion instead of spray. If you get a spray tan, wear nose plugs that fit inside the nostrils.

1. Source: “Avoid Air Pollution, Too.” Consumer Reports, On Health. Mar 2017. Page 5. Print.

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Photo: Me, practicing a yoga tree pose outside near the beach

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