Dealing with diabetes & allergies successfully

yogaI’m excited to share this recent podcast from Chewables, the name meaning “chew on this.”

We talk about what my life was like growing up with severe milk allergies, what it was like being diagnosed as a type-1 diabetic at age 30, how I went from a typical female who ate a Standard American Diet (SAD) to a health and fitness fanatic who hires a personal fitness trainer, earns a certification in fitness nutrition, and writes a book about nutrition and fat loss. We also discuss what changes I had to make to my lifestyle and eating habits to make sure diabetes didn’t have a negative impact on my health, how exercise impacts blood sugar, what the best times are to test blood sugar with a home meter, what I eat and don’t eat now and why, and the best type of exercise is for weight loss.

To listen to the interview/podcast, click the link, and then press the play button:

P.S. The podcast starts after 30 seconds. Make sure to click the “recommend button.”

Photo: Me, practicing yoga at World Gym

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