why calories and macros aren’t everything

meat sauce from The High-Five DietIf I’m eating a certain number of calories and keeping my macronutrients (carbs, protein and fats) in line with what is ideal for me, does it really matter if I eat two cookies and white rice, instead of oatmeal and quinoa if the calories and macros are exactly the same? It turns out that it does matter when it comes to weight loss and good health. It’s really easy for our bodies to break down simple carbs like cookies and stripped grains, like white rice, so that takes little effort. When we eat whole grains, it takes much more work to break down, so we burn more calories eating oatmeal instead of cookies, even if they have the same number of calories and/or carbs.

If you’re not concerned about losing weight, your health should be #1 on your list. “Poor dietary choices can affect hormones, inflammation and gut bacteria…” Refined carbs also raise blood sugar and promote inflammation that is associated with chronic diseases, which can unfavorably alter the body’s metabolism.” “…Too much sugar can also cause insulin resistance” and managing diabetes is no easy task, and a serious condition, not to be taken lightly (1).

While cookies taste better than oatmeal, the oats are definitely the better choice. I’ll be doing a video on how to toast oats, making it into a healthy granola with added berries without any sugar, honey or syrup.

My next book, Slimming Dairy-Free Desserts and Smoothies will be available in July. These treats are all gluten-free too and have unprocessed ingredients to help you burn calories while enjoying something sweet and guilt-free.

Photo: The recipe for this savory dish, Pasta with Meat Sauce, is in the High-Five Diet. This time I used skinny spiralized zucchini noodles instead of the rotini pasta to make it gluten free and with even fewer calories. I cooked the zucchini noodles in the sauce to break it down so it actually tasted like spaghetti. You can order this diet book with over 40 dairy-free recipes from http://www.thehighfivediet.com

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