Clarification on fats: good vs. bad

Bloody Mary with BaconAll fat is not bad, but there are diets that will encourage you to eat high-fat meats, like many on the Paleo or Whole 30 diet. I saw a post on Instagram from a woman who follows a Paleo diet, who wrote that lard is good for you and to eat bacon and cook your food in lard. Pork fat never was, and never will be a good fat.

There are fans on the Butter Coffee train who add butter to their coffee and claim it gives them energy. Candy gives me energy after a workout, but that’s not a healthy item either. “Foods high in saturated fat (such as butter, full-fat dairy products, fatty beef, pork, poultry with skin, lamb and baked goods made with palm oils… promote inflammation and contribute to clogged arteries, increasing one’s risk for heart attacks and heart disease and forcing the body to work less efficiently. This puts a strain on all systems in the body, including metabolism. Chronic inflammation leads to diabetes, cancer and obesity and worsens insulin resistance, which alters metabolism and encourages fat storage (1).

So, don’t eat lard or bacon, butter, or chicken skin with the misconceived notion that these are good for you. They’re not! Eat small portions of avocado, nuts, seeds and fish to get your healthy fats.


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