How to pick the most-nutrient dense foods

fruit and veggiesWe’ve been told to select a rainbow of foods to get a variety of nutrients, but the produce and vegetables that have the most antioxidants are those that have the boldest colors like red. So choose red grapes, red apples and red cabbage over green, red onions over yellow or white onions, and yellow corn over white corn.

I blend frozen red grapes with coconut milk in smoothies, or just eat frozen red grapes as a snack to cool me down in the summer. For steak or ground turkey tacos, I add sautéed red onions with sliced red cabbage, yellow corn, and hot sauce as toppers on corn tortillas (yum!).

Source: Greger, M.D., Michael. How Not to Die. Book. New York: Flatiron Books. 2015 pg. 289.


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