slimming tea (FASTING TEA) recipe

Any way to cheat the system to lose weight, and people tend to open up their pocket books, but some of these weight loss teas have dangerous chemicals and can cause diarrhea (gross). Studies have shown that vinegar reduces belly fat, but don’t exceed two tablespoons of vinegar a day, and never drink it straight (it could burn your throat).

To make your own slimming tea that’s safe and effective, due to the addition of apple cider vinegar, I created this recipe. You can use it as a fasting tea to hold off your hunger between meals.

I use this Good Earth’s “Sweet and Spicy” because it has a good flavor and contains a bit of stevia, which balances out the sour vinegar. The finished product kind of tastes like light apple cider, but without carbs or calories.

To make this simple Slimming Fasting Tea recipe:

  • steep 2 tea bags steep in very warm water for 5 minutes
  • pour 1 tsp apple cider vinegar over ice
  • add filtered water to make 16 liquid ounces

Sip and enjoy!

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