Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer Review

sweet sweat waist trimmer

I’ve seen many women at the gym wearing these waist trainers, and they swear that their tummies are smaller because of it, so I decided to buy it and see if it worked for me. The concept is that when you sweat, it pulls water out of the skin, and removing this water by sweating, will flatten your stomach. When fitness competitors do a show, they deplete their water intake, which does, in fact, make them look much thinner. My stomach never sweats, and I do retain water, so I thought, this product might actually make my abs look better.

 To use the product correctly, you are supposed to smear the lotion, which comes with the elastic belt, onto your stomach and lower back. The waist trimmer stays put with Velcro, but I don’t like the ingredients in the lotion, and just wearing the belt makes me sweat, so I don’t think the lotion is absolutely necessary. With the belt snuggly around your waist, you can then workout. It should only be worn during exercise, and for no more than two hours.

Since I have a short torso, I purchased the smallest size, but even though it’s comfortable, it bunches up and forms rolls on my back and makes my belly look really big when I wear it, so I only wear it when I’m exercising at home. The belt does make my stomach and lower back sweat, but it doesn’t make my stomach look any flatter or smaller.

My recommendation is that, if you want to make your stomach look instantly slimmer, don’t buy this, because, wearing it adds bulk. If wearing it, will motivate you to work out longer or harder, or add more cardio, then, get it; it’s not expensive. If your gym is really cold, you might want to buy this product, because it keeps you warm, even before you start exercising.

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