How I lowered blood sugar & body fat without reducing carbs

_L5A2490-1I want a smaller waist, it’s selfish and stupid, but I want it. I already eat a clean diet that’s appropriate in calories for someone my size with my activity level, but for changes to happen, one needs to make changes, so I lowered my fat intake, which is tough for me because I have an affinity for nuts and guacamole. Even though I cut my nut intake way down, my body fat stayed the same. So, I reduced my carbohydrate intake instead, but it left me cranky, tired, and hungry, and the number on the scale still wouldn’t budge.

The only macronutrient left to cut down, was protein, yet everything I read these days says to up protein to burn more calories. When I told my gym friends and a few fitness trainers that I’m going to lower my overall protein intake by reducing animal meat consumption in half, I was met with a resounding “no!” Regardless, I did it anyway and the results surprised me. Not only did I lose body fat EVERYWHERE, in just a few weeks; I also had lower blood sugar. I know this because I’m a type-1 diabetic who takes insulin injections, and tests my blood sugar daily. I was waking up at two in the morning feeling light-headed because my blood sugar was really low, under 50 (normal is 75-100).

When are bodies are functioning properly, it uses insulin, even synthetic insulin, more effectively. The background insulin, which keeps blood sugar stable for 24 hours, was working too well with my lowered protein diet, so I reduced this medicine too. If I can take less medicine, that’s even better. While these results seem amazing to me, it’s not unique. Studies show that lowering, or even cutting out animal protein (fish, meat, poultry, eggs), with not only help people lose weight, but it’s effective in lowering blood sugar too. Dr. Oz even reiterated this on a recent radio show.

If you’re a meat lover, I get it, but, cutting down how much meat you eat by a little bit in each meal, is not hard at all. And, the results are totally worth making that one little adjustment to your current eating habits.

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Photo: Me about to eat one of my new creations: Lemon-Coconut Muffins. This recipe will be in my next cookbook: Slimming Dairy-Free Desserts & Smoothies




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