Should you try cryotherapy?


Cryotherapy is the new big, and expensive, trend in the fitness world. People pay high dollars in hopes of losing body fat, or expediting healing from injures, even though there is no proof that there is any benefit. The process includes wearing a bathing suit and walking into a chamber in, kind of like a large walk-in bathtub, where you are subjected to sub-freezing temperatures for a few minutes. That didn’t sound safe to me, and it’s not. One person died, other people have ended up with frostbite, and/or freezer burns.

The reason these quick-fix trends become so huge is that the media shows unrealistic results of before and after weight-loss photos, over and over again. This makes people feel that if they don’t lose body fat as fast, they need to resort to something more drastic. Weight loss and muscle gains are a really slow process; that’s reality. Also remember that many photos are touched up, the models are starving themselves and are sucking their stomachs in, and are probably taking some sort of powder that’s not regulated and causes metabolic damage.


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