why you shouldn’t take other’s advice

burger and fried onion ringsI’ve overheard many conversations about nutrition, exercise, vitamins, supplements, and diet, where one person acts like they are an expert, when they aren’t, and tells the other person what they should and shouldn’t do. Just because your friend may benefit from a supplement, may not mean you will. If you are deficient in a supplement, then that supplement might help you. But, if you don’t need that vitamin, it can harm you.

I’ve seen gym rats brag about how much weight they lost, and encourage everyone to do exactly what they are doing. They end up with sluggish metabolisms and excessive weight gain (but they won’t tell you the bad stuff, or maybe, they haven’t had any bad experiences, yet!).

When I started my weight loss journey, everyone told me to do cardio. Lots of cardiovascular exercise may work wonders on body fat, but only if you’re already very heavy, and didn’t exercise much before. What works for one person, may backfire on another. I didn’t lose any body fat with excess cardio; all I lost was muscle.

The lesson here is, if someone gives you advice, even if it’s from your doctor, do your research to make sure it’s good advice for you!

Photo: That burger and fried onion rings CAN TOTALLY set you back on losing weight. Don’t listen to friends who say one cheat meal doesn’t matter, it does!

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