Workout fanatic, but still fat?

boot campI know people that workout twice a day, every day, which is fine, if that workout is a walk. The problem is when every workout is super intense and/or for an extended period of time. One woman I know does Crossfit, which is high-energy, fast-paced weight-lifting. Then she’ll do another hour-long workout, like a kickboxing class. And she’s not skinny. She has that belly roll that she just can’t get rid of. I told her she shouldn’t do back-to-back training; her boxing coach even told her so, but she loves exercising and she’s stubborn (she doesn’t like listening or taking other people’s advise even if it’s from reliable sources).

Working out to extremes doesn’t always mean a little waist. Per Tamir of NY T.S. Fitness, excessive exercise will “…increase stress hormones in the body which makes it harder to lose fat…” (1).  Weight training three to four days a week is perfectly fine, any more than that, is unnessessary. Thirty minutes of high-intensity cardio, three times a week is just right. You can do cardio an hour every day, just make sure some days are easy-to-do cardiovascular exercises, while the other cardio workouts make you sweat like crazy, and are so miserable you countdown the minutes until it’s over.

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