Chocolate Hummus review

berries and walnutsHave you heard of chocolate hummus? People are making this healthy alternative chocolate spread at home with coco powder blended with a sweetener (honey, agave, sugar….) and garbanzo beans. There are variations depending on the recipe, some adding more ingredients (and calories and fat), but I followed one on the lower calorie side (so I could eat it) with honey. I thought this dessert sounded odd and interesting, so I whipped up a batch.

The flavor was wonderful, chocolatey and sweet, but the texture was terrible! A spread should be creamy, not grainy. No matter how many times I mixed it in the food processor, or in my blender, it didn’t make the texture any more desirable. I even topped it with raspberries, blueberries, chopped walnuts, and toasted coconut flakes, which was extra tasty, but the texture of the beans just ruins this dessert.

There is a company called Delighted By that makes chocolate-mint hummus, and a few other flavors, that are supposed to be delicious. They must have some commercialized process that breaks down the beans better. They also add sugar and coconut oil, so I’m sure that helps make it more like a creamy dessert. I haven’t found these in any stores, but here’s the link to the website:

If you try this brand, let me know what flavor you tested, and what you think. If it shows up at my local market, I’m tempted to buy a tub.

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