Liquid Truvia review

Truvia Nectar

Truvia is a zero calorie, zero-carb, more-natural sweetener, so it’s preferable to artificial sweeteners like Splenda and Equal. Truvia contains stevia, and if you’ve tried other sweeteners made with stevia, you will find that they have a sweet, but also an unpleasant, bitter taste.

Plain stevia tastes like a fake sweetener, which most people find off-putting. The Truvia mini “sugar” packets taste a lot more like real sugar without any awful aftertaste so I was anxious to try their new liquid stevia since it’s lower calorie, and has fewer carbohydrates than honey or maple syrup. The company claims it’s very sweet so much less is needed, but when I added the liquid Truvia to various homemade desserts, and even oatmeal, I found that a little bit does NOT go a long way. If anything, I may have to add even more of the liquid Truvia to get the amount of sweetness I want. The other downside is that a small bottle is quite expensive. The taste of liquid Truvia is equivalent to a mild honey, so it doesn’t add much flavor.

As much as I love the dry Truvia “sugar,” it makes me crave sweets even more, so I no longer buy it. As for the liquid Truvia, it actually made my desserts less desirable. I’m going to stick to honey and maple syrup for my desserts since these two are less processed than Truvia, and my treats come out exactly as I expected: delicious!

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