The fruit that vegans are using as meat

dairy-free chicken enchiladasI saw a video on Instagram where a man was making vegan tacos. The “meat” looked like shredded pork, and he said he fooled his Hispanic family into thinking he was serving authentic pork tacos. I wanted to try it so I bought a can of unripe jackfruit from Trader Joes, as suggested. The ripe fruit tastes too sweet, so unripe jackfruit in a can is suggested.

I followed the recipe for his jackfruit tacos, tossing out the liquid, breaking apart the jackfruit into pieces, cooking it on the stovetop, and adding spices and sauce. It took quite a long time to cook, and chop and tear up, until it resembled shredded pork, but it didn’t taste good, and it didn’t taste anything at all like any meat I’ve ever eaten. It was disgusting and I spit it out into the trash. The first bite is great; I taste the spices and the yummy sauce, but a pungent artichoke flavor takes over (and I love artichokes). My husband didn’t like it either. We ending up throwing the entire batch in the trash, and just had vegan tacos with guacamole, sliced red bell pepper, cilantro, salsa and topped it off with plain coconut yogurt mixed with lime juice, which was, actually, quite good!

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