what people wear to the gym: don’t do this!


There are certain items that people wear to the gym that are totally inappropriate. Here’s a short list and why:

Flip-flops. Flip-flops are great for the beach, but terrible for the gym because it’s easy to trip since there’s equipment to maneuver around, and it’s going to be a dangerous situation if a weight drops on your foot with an open-toed shoe. It also looks like you’re not serious about working out if you’re not wearing proper footwear.

Jeans. If you’ve ever tried doing squats with jeans, it’s really uncomfortable and it won’t allow you to go low, or do the movement properly since there is little give. Leggings are really cute, regardless of what size or gender you are. Yes, guys can wear leggings too. Sweat pants and tight shorts are good options too.

A jacket. There’s nothing wrong with wearing a jacket to the gym, but don’t wear it inside the gym while you’re exercising! Even the tightest, best-fitting jacket won’t let you move freely. I hate being cold too, so wear a hoodie, sweatshirt, or a long-sleeve wicking shirt to keep you warm. You can wear several layers, which allows you to remove them if you get too hot. To warm up quickly, all I need is five minutes on the stair-master, and I’m sweating and wishing I had on shorts and a tiny sleeveless top.

Wearing clothes specifically designed for exercising not only allows you to use your full range of motion, provides better stability, looks nice, but it also puts you in the right mind-set for working out; you’ll be more motivated and you’ll probably even work harder, after all, you dressed the part!

Photo: me at World Gym

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