An easier way to lose weight

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Losing weight doesn’t have to mean completely changing your diet. There’s lots of strict diet plans out there that will lead to fast weight loss, but you’d have to follow it to a T, and be ready and willing to go all-in. That could entail omitting your favorite foods, missing dinners with friends and being hungry, so it’s no wonder lots of people put off starting a diet plan.

There’s an easier way to lose weight, and you can still eat the same foods if you want. You only need to reduce your calories by 250 per day to see your weight go down on the scale in less than a month. That could mean cutting out that daily protein bar, or not grabbing that bag of chips with your lunch. It might mean changing a habit.

I used to order a ginger ale every time I went out to eat. Now I order plain tea or water with my entree. I was surprised that I actually didn’t miss the soda. I used to eat bacon and eggs for breakfast, and then cut it back to just Sundays. I don’t eat bacon any more, but little changes adds up; those pounds will drop off, just be consistent.

Photo: Yes, both of those photos are me. One of the methods I used to lose weight is the one above so I know first-hand it works. 

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