I can finally eat beans. Here’s how.

digestive enzymes

Even after taking numerous probiotics with different strains and brands, I couldn’t eat beans or cabbage without having an upset stomach. I didn’t eat beans for several years, which meant I couldn’t eat a lot of wonderful recipes. After watching the film “What the Health,” I wanted to go 100% vegan, and decided to resume my search for probiotics that let me eat beans again.

I found Crystal Clear’s Digestive Enzymes on Amazon, and am happy to report that this brand works, and works really well. No more bloating or upset stomach. Now I can eat beans, but also, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cabbage and all those foods that are hard to digest. My husband takes one of these pills before he eats ice cream since he doesn’t digest lactose too well.

 If you have trouble digesting certain foods, give this brand a try. It’s dairy-free and has the GMP (good manufacturing practices) seal on it too.


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  1. Thank you for that very helpful information. I’ve already forwarded it to several friends who would appreciate the information.

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