Naked Egg-White Protein Powder Review

Fit Girl holding a tub of Naked egg-white protein powder

Since I’m allergic to milk protein, I can’t have whey or casein protein powders to add to my fruit smoothies. Amazon has a 3-pack sample of Naked egg-white protein powders so I purchased it so see if I liked it enough to buy a tub of it. The 3-lb tub (pictured above) contains 44 servings for $65, which equates to $1.48 a serving which is a good price for a quality protein powder.

The one thing all three Naked egg white protein powders have in common is that the protein powder doesn’t assimilate very well; it clumps up and takes longer to get the protein powder dispersed evenly. My smoothies are fairly small so that could be why. My husband makes large smoothies with ice, so the smoothies he makes don’t have that clumping problem.

Here’s my review of all three egg-white protein powder flavors:

Plain: It has a slight unpleasant egg smell which goes away after blending with fruit and coconut milk. It has a subtle odd flavor, but if you add strong flavors like cocoa powder or coffee, or lots of ingredients to your smoothie, the odd protein powder flavor becomes unnoticeable. One serving has 110 calories (not bad, but I prefer it to be lower), 2 grams of carbs (great!), and 25 grams of protein (I prefer not to exceed 20 grams of protein at a time since one study showed that the body can only process 20 grams of protein at a time, and the remaining goes to waste). This has only two ingredients: egg white protein and sunflower lecithin.

Chocolate: It tastes like plain protein powder with cocoa powder, which I like because lots of chocolate protein powders taste like synthetic chocolate, and not the real thing. It’s 150 calories for one serving (which is kind-of a lot), with 6 grams of carbs (not bad, but I prefer it to be lower) and a whopping 25 grams of protein. Unfortunately, this has coconut sugar, but that balances out the cocoa so it has a pleasant flavor instead of that bitterness you get from chocolate.

Vanilla: I found this flavor to be really strong and overpowering, but my husband liked it. If you add bitter greens to your smoothies, this might be the best option. A serving contains 110 calories (not too high, but I try not to exceed 100 calories in protein powder), 2 grams of carbs (this is low which is great since I add carbs from fruit), and 25 grams of protein (a lot!). This does have coconut sugar in it though.

My recommendation is to try all three flavors to see which one you prefer; it’s three for $9.99, which is $3.33 per sample. Here’s the link to order:

Taste-wise, I like Naked’s egg white chocolate protein powder the best, but because that one contains coconut sugar, it’s still sugar, and because it doesn’t blend very well, I wouldn’t buy this for myself.

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