Nada Moo vegan ice cream review

Nada Moo vegan ice cream view from the top

Since I’m allergic to dairy, one of my friends would say “no moo for you!” So, when I saw Nada Moo vegan ice cream, which is dairy-free, I just had to try it. One of my favorite ice cream flavors is Mint and Chip so I bought their “Lotta Mint Chip.” It has a wonderful, sweet mint flavor with just the right amount of crunchy, mini, dark-chocolate chips.

This flavor is delicious, but it could be a bit creamier (the fat comes from coconut). It’s 140 calories for a half a cup, which is on par for a regular ice cream, but stopping at a half a cup is hard when it tastes this good.

Here’s the link to the company’s website:

Nada Moo Mint and Chip vegan ice cream


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