A skinny diet can make you fat for life


Very low calorie diets are brutal and can actually make people fatter. While most people go back to their old ways of eating, when calories are reduced “a person’s metabolic rate slows down to accommodate semi-starvation.” When trying to overcome a plateau, or to lose weight after coming off from a low calorie diet, it was originally thought that adding more calories would increase metabolism, but metabolism stays at the lower rate forever. Just to maintain that smaller size, a person “must restrict calories for life-a state of deprivation that, as it turn out, few humans can sustain” (1).

This is why I tell people to reduce calories slowly. Cutting 250 calories a day will result in steady weight loss. Adding more exercise in the form of cardio, and weight training will aid in fat loss and will boost that metabolism. When that plateau occurs, lift heavier, switch up your exercises, and reduce daily calories a bit more.

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1. Source: Teicholz, Nina. “Calories on menus won’t slim down America.” Los Angeles Times. May 20, 2018. Page A17. Print.

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