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True Natural Self Tan products

I stopped letting my face get any sunrays because I don’t want wrinkles or sunspots, but I love the look of a bronze glow.  I also stopped wearing foundation and blush because, no matter what brand I tried, my skin would break out. I also stopped going to automated spray tanning salons, since it was impossible not to inhale the airborne particles. I have tried custom spray tans by a professional, but at $50 a pop, that adds up.

So, I’ve been using True Natural Self-Tan lotion, and the end result is a very natural looking bronze tan. For my fair skin, I use their Dark Color, Vanilla Coconut, but I use that only on my body, because it makes my face breakout. Since my skin is so sensitive, I use their face tanner, Facial Moisturizer, which goes on smoothly and evenly. It doesn’t streak, is easy to apply, and looks like a real sun tan.

They are both stinky, but all tanning products I’ve tried have an unpleasant scent. Maybe it’s the active ingredient(s) that make it smell weird. The True Natural brand scent fades after your first shower, and the smell is almost unnoticable after 48 hours.

If you’re looking for a creamy self-tanner that works well, looks natural, lasts about a week, and is certified organic, give these a try. The body lotion bottle lasts me 6-8 weeks, and the facial tanner lasts me about three months, so don’t freak out about the small size.

Here’s their website (but you can get their products on Amazon too):

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