two types of probiotic pills for fat loss


Could there actually be a non-toxic pill that allows you to lose bodyfat safely? “A….probiotic strain, called Lactobacillus gasseri SBT2055, makes sure the body excretes fat…” A small study, with this strain…found that 5 billion CFUs a day for just one week reduced belly fat and promoted weight loss.” In another study, 10 billion CFUs of a different probiotic strain called B. lactis 420 (B420), reduced caloric intake, body fat and waist size in overweight adults. After six months, they lost three pounds and reduced their waist size by one inch.

Because of these findings, we will probably be seeing a lot more probiotics with one of these strains, with the label listing it as a weight loss probiotic.

Here’s two probiotics I found with one of these strains:



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