NutraGen Plant protein review

Nutragen Plant protein


At the gym, I got a free sample of Nutragen’s Pure Plant chocolate and vanilla protein powders. What I like is that it’s certified organic, vegan, and it doesn’t have rice (since rice has naturally occurring arsenic). What I didn’t like is that it has sugar, in the form of coconut sugar (it’s still sugar), and it’s high in calories.

I blended the chocolate flavor with 1 ½ frozen bananas, and one cup of water. It tasted chalky and the sweetness from the monk fruit was overwhelming and unpleasant. I added one level teaspoon of coco powder and some raspberries to balance the sweetness, which helped, but it wasn’t a smoothie I’d ever want to drink again. It’s 130 calories, which is on the high-side, and just 3 grams of carbs which is nice and low.

The following day, I blended the vanilla flavor with 1 frozen banana and one cup of water. The final product was a very thin consistency (I should have used coconut milk instead of water), with an unpleasant synthetic vanilla flavor, and the sweetness from too much monk fruit was intolerable. I added a few large frozen strawberries, and blended it again, which improved the taste of my smoothie, but the overall flavor and texture gives this protein powder a big thumbs-down. This is one of the worst flavors of protein powders I have tried. It’s also ridiculously high in calories at a whopping 145 for 21 grams of protein. A protein powder should be around 100 calories, unless you’re trying to bulk and gain weight.

There’s better tasting vegan protein powders out there that have fewer calories. My favorite to date is the from the brand Tone it Up which I get from Target.

 Here’s the link if you want to try it, but after reading my review, I’m doubting you want to:

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