What is The High-Five Diet?

The High-Five Diet is a book that explains nutrition and encourages a dairy-free diet, but it’s so much more than a diet book; it’s a personal story that reads like a novel. The author chronicles what life was like growing up with severe food allergies, and how she had to completely change her eating habits when she was diagnosed with type-1 diabetes after contracting the chicken pox virus as an adult.

She chronicles her struggles with food and weight-loss, and details how she discovered, first-hand, what products and treatments are effective for fat loss. She goes into detail about the many diets she tried, and what’s good and bad about each of them. Because of her food restrictions and diabetes, she couldn’t follow most diet plans.

Based on in-depth research, consultations with specialists, and what she learned after earning a certification in fitness nutrition, she came up with a flexible eating plan, with cheat snacks/meals built into the system that she could successfully follow, be content with, and be effective for sustainable weight loss, lowering high cholesterol, and stabilizing blood sugar. When the program was tested and worked, not just for her, but for many friends and family, she decided to write a book about it and include the program to help others that struggle with weight loss, allergies, and medical issues.

While avoiding dairy is not a requirement on The High-Five Diet, it’s highly recommended for maximum weight-loss and better health. She makes it easier to go dairy-free by providing substitutions for foods that typically contain dairy, and there’s over 50 dairy-free, sugar-free, calorie and carb-controlled recipes included, like lemon bars, cookies, pudding, meat loaf, tacos, chili, casseroles, and burgers.

To read a few chapters of the book, and order your copy through Amazon, preview below:

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