Why you want these herbs

FreshJax Spices

The right combinations of herbs and spices can transform plain meals into exquisite entrees, and we know that the fresher they are, the better they taste. So when I received these herbs and spices from FreshJax, I realized how old and stale the spices I buy from the store really are, and how fresh and flavorful they are supposed to be. For those reasons, I recommend the brand FreshJax.

To see their creative spice blends, go to https://freshjax.com/collections/shop-freshjax-products

P.S. Sometimes I put a teaspoon of their Pumpkin Pie Spice in my banana-coconut smoothie to give it pizazz (so good!). The Maple Cinnamon blend is really good on popcorn and pancakes. Some of the spices contain sugar, so make sure to read the ingredients if you have allergies or are avoiding sugar.


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