Only eat in this time frame for weight loss

banana bread

How does Dr. Oz, who is 58, look so young and lean? He only eats between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm, which means he’s fasting for 12 full hours (1). During this fasting period, the body is more likely to burn fat, instead of glucose for fuel (1). Digesting foods causes inflammation, so giving your body a 12-hour food break is a good thing (1).

Hopefully, this information will get you to skip that after-dinner sweet treat or salty snack, and/or that middle-of-the night munchie-fest.

Photo: Banana bread…it’s basically cake!


Source: Scott, Paula Spencer. “It’s About TIME! Why Dr. Oz is fasting and using the clock to lose weight, slow dementia and fight disease.” Parade Magazine. Sept. 9, 2018. Pages 8-9. Print.

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