The Food Group to Skip for Fat Loss

The USDA recommends that everyone eat certain portions of all five food groups daily, but the government is highly influenced by large companies that give donations to help re-elect government officials, so, keep that in mind when taking their advice.

The five food groups the USDA categorizes are fruits, vegetables, protein (which they lump beans, eggs, soy, nuts and seeds [nuts and seeds have protein, but are mostly fats], grains (which do contain protein), and dairy (2).

While a lot of people are eliminating grains, even whole grains from their diets to lose bodyfat, this is not necessary. Grains should be limited, but not eliminated, unless you’re allergic to them, or they cause you inflammation.

The one food group that should be removed from the USDA’s list is dairy. Dairy is high calorie, high in salt (cheese), high in cholesterol (butter), high in sugar (lactose in milk), causes stomach distress (typically from lactose, or from whey protein), and is totally unnecessary. You don’t need to get your calcium from dairy products. Calcium is naturally occurring in other foods, like beans, figs, soy, fish, seeds and nuts (1).

If you need testimonials about how cutting dairy helps lower bodyfat, watch this YouTube video from bodybuilders, models and bikini competitors.





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