So Delicious Dairy-Free Frozen Mousse review

low-calorie vegan ice creamI was so excited when I found So Delicious brand frozen mousse in Sprouts so I bought four different flavors. What’s extra special about these is not just that they are vegan, they are low-calorie, at around 300 calories for the whole pint! Typical vegan ice cream is about 150 or more calories for just ½ cup, so if I devoured a pint of vegan full-fat ice cream, that would be over 600 calories! Since I have very little control when it comes to sweets, this is great for me.

I tried Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip, Strawberry and Lemon…all delicious. Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip are my favorites out of the four. The remaining flavors I haven’t tried yet are mango, salted caramel and cranberry. I’m hoping they come up with a raspberry/almond swirl.

These frozen desserts don’t have the richness of ice cream, it’s the consistency of whipped cream; which is not a bad thing; it’s just different.

Do I recommend these? You bet! Just buy one at a time. I ate the whole pint of each flavor, one day after the other.

Low-calorie vegan mousse:

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