oil-free homemade popcorn recipe

oil free popcorn recipe

Here’s a recipe to reduce the oil and calories from your diet. The popcorn comes out fresh and crunchy and it takes just two minutes to make.

Put 2 tablespoons popping kernels in a brown sandwich bag. Fold bag over in one-inch sections, four times. Place bag in microwave, right side up (so flat part is on the bottom and folded side is on the top).

Heat in microwave for 1.45 seconds. Watch microwave, as popcorn can burn easily, and since different microwaves are hotter than others.

 Remove from microwave, open bag slowly, keeping your face away from the steam.

Add your favorite toppings to the top of the bag, close it and shake a few times. I use a combination of salt, cayenne pepper and coconut sugar.

 Serves 1.

Approximate calories: 125   carbs: 30 grams.


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