My favorite low-calorie vegan ice cream

so delicious mousse topI’ve been complaining that there isn’t any really yummy low-calorie vegan ice creams, so when my husband brought home this pint of Cranberry Cherry Swirl Mousse from So Delicious when he went to Sprouts market, I was skeptical. I don’t really like cherries, or cranberries, so I was excited when it tasted more like raspberries. It’s sweet, light and fluffy, and only 300 calories for the whole pint! I ate half the day he bought it, but since it was only 150 calories, that made me even happier.

The other flavors, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip, Strawberry and Lemon are good too, but Cranberry-Cherry is my absolute favorite.

so delicious mousse front

Here’s the link for the company:

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