Reduce Shoulder Pain while Exercising

Shoulder pain doesn’t always mean you can’t do shoulder exercises. With these small tweaks shown in this video, you can still do push-ups, bench press and shoulder presses without pain. Read the information below, too, for clarification.

When performing push-ups, use a narrow stance (examples are triceps push-ups, or chaturanga push-ups.) Wide push-ups put too much pressure on the shoulders.

Barbell bench press: use a narrow grip, which should alleviate the shoulder pain compared to the traditional grip.

Dumbbell bench press: point your elbows down about 45 degrees, instead of having your elbows flared out. What also helps is to keep the bench flat, instead of raised (elevated).

Shoulder press: use a narrow stance, with your thumbs facing you. This technique will reduce that shoulder pain, and it’s much easier to do.

After you do any shoulder or chest workouts, put an ice pack on that area to cool any inflammation.


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