Crackers are, basically, cookies

crackers are cookies in disguise

Most people get hungry between lunch and dinner, but aren’t hungry enough for a meal. We look for healthy snacks, and many people think crackers and pretzels are healthy, low-calorie snacks, but they’re not.

If you look at the ingredient list of cookies, the three common ingredients are flour, salt, and sugar. Those same ingredients are in cookies! Yes, sugar, flour and salt are in crackers, pretzels, cereal, and even bread (and practically everything else in a can or a box). It doesn’t matter what the item is called (cracker vs. cookie), if it’s “natural,” or if the manufacturer lists “healthy” on the box; it’s what it’s made of, that matters.

Most people don’t eat the tiny serving size, around 150 calories, and mistakenly believe they are eating a small snack, when the calories actually add up to meal. So, it’s best just to take a small portion of a leftover lunch or dinner, and have that as your snack; this way, you’re getting protein (hopefully), a small portion of healthy fat, and some nutritious carbs (preferably in the form of vegetables).


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