milk contains toxic hormones


Almond milk on rustic wooden tableSynthetic hormones have been known to cause cancer, weight gain, and other health issues. Even if you drink antibiotic-free, and certified organic dairy, you are likely to get a dose of harmful hormones. “On typical farms in the United States, calves are separated from their mothers shortly after birth…” which causes her pain and stress, which, in turn, results in large amounts of hormones to be “…released into her milk. These toxins are then passed down to us, along with all the other unknown antibiotics, growth hormones, and chemicals the industry uses to produce the milk.” Pg 19.

It’s no wonder that people who limit dairy have better digestion and more success at weight loss. While it’s really important to stick to certified organic foods to avoid consuming toxic chemicals, staying away from all dairy items, is a step in the right direction for improving your health.

Photo: If you miss milk, you can switch to a vegan milk, like almond, cashew, or coconut.

Source: Hari, Vani. Feeding You Lies. California: Hay House, Inc. 2019. Print. Pg 19.

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