the medical problem why you can’t lose bodyfat

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Like most people, I wondered what’s the underlying medical problem to explain why I can’t lose weight? I eat well, I exercise, and my portions aren’t big. I had a bunch of tests done, and I didn’t have a slow metabolism, a thyroid issue, a hormonal imbalance, or anything else to explain why I couldn’t drop the excess weight.

The problem was, my faulty perception of how many calories I thought I burned in a 24-hour period. My four-day a week weight-training workouts were hard. I did cardio two days a week and took only one day off to rest. I made all of my meals from scratch, and weighed and measured everything. I assumed, with all this activity, I was burning 1800-2000 calories per day, so I ate about 1700 on a daily basis, with some cheat snacks here and there. Once I reduced my calories down to 1600 per day, and shunned the treats, did I finally see a slimmer me. And, I dropped weight fast!

Your fat-loss problem typically isn’t medical. Most of the time, you just need to eat less, and maybe a lot less. We weren’t meant to need a lot of calories, so if your calorie expenditure is 1600, or even 1800 calories per day, that’s not a lot, and it can be upsetting to eat that little. You can lose that excess body fat, but only if you’ve accepted the fact that you have to eat less, and make permant changes. And stop searching for a fat-loss tea or supplement, those don’t work, and are a waste of money.


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