the Carnivore Diet

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There’s some crazy diets out there. One of them is the Carnivore Diet. It’s a diet that consists ENTIRELY from animal products (1). It’s not a joke! No grains, fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts, or beans are permitted (1). If a diet suggests you stay away from vegetables, don’t try that diet!

Just because a diet is trending, people have lost weight, or it’s sponsored from someone who seems legit, that doesn’t mean that diet is good for you. Some diets are dangerous, lead to malnutrition, dehydration, high cholesterol, heart disease, constipation, and/or cancer (and that’s just the short list). Dr. Shawn Baker, a proponent of the Carnivore Diet, had his medical license revoked “…due to concerns about his competency” (1).

ANY diet where you reduce calories, will lead to weight loss. What you want is diet that’s healthy, gives you lots of options, and is one you can stick to.

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