some vegan burgers are worse than beef


burger and friesEveryone knows to avoid fatty animal meat; one of the reasons is due to it’s high cholesterol, but vegan alternatives can be bad for our health too.

Lots of vegan products are made with genetically modified (GMO) ingredients, chemicals (usually disguised as flavors), sugar, and various flours and oils.

What’s growing in popularity due to it’s yummy taste is the Impossible Burger. The ingredients should stop you from trying it though:

Impossible Burger ingredients: water, sunflower oil, coconut oil, potato protein, natural flavors (numerous chemicals), leghemoglobin (GMO soy), yeast extract, salt, konjac gum, xanthan gum, (GMO) soy protein isolate, synthetic vitamins, and methylcellulose (1).

That’s a lot of stuff! There’s GMO ingredients, and the problem with GMO foods is that GMO crops use pesticides that have proven to cause cancer and other dangerous problems for humans.

The Impossible Burger also has more fat and carbs, is high in salt, has less protein, but more fiber than beef burgers (1). I make turkey burgers at home with herbs and spices,  without fillers, or soy. If you want a vegan burger, and don’t want to eat soy, GMO or potentially dangerous chemicals from entering your system, make a vegan burger from scratch. The commercial food industry has no interest in you, only your money.

  1. Source: “What is the Impossible Burger, and is it healthy?” Healthline. 2019. Apr. 25.



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