why your doctor doesn’t tell you the truth

prescriptions you may not need

In many circumstances, you don’t need prescription medication to manage or treat your condition; yet your doctor will tell you that you must take this medication even though there are safe alternatives that can reverse it. I asked my endocrinologist why that is.

I asked my endocrinologist: Why don’t doctors tell their patients the truth, that to lower their blood sugar, lower their cholesterol, and to reduce hypertension, they need to do cardiovascular exercise, lift weights 2-4 times a week, lose weight, reduce their portions, eat more vegetables, and stop eating fatty meats, fried foods, pasta, bread, butter, and sugar? He told me that doctors got tired of patients ignoring their healthy advice. Patients were asking for pills, instead of changing their diets because they didn’t want to change their habits, even though they were bad habits, and contributed to the sickened state they put themselves in.

So the next time your doctor tells you that you have to take a prescription, ask what the side effects are, how long you have to take the medication, and if there are any alternatives other than western medicine? Keep in mind that doctors don’t know all the side effects so read that long printout that should come with the medication. If it doesn’t come with the packaging, ask the pharmacist to print it out for you.

Some doctors don’t exercise and don’t eat healthy, so don’t expect every doctor to give you tips on how to reverse your condition without medication. Some doctors are really busy and don’t have the time to break down exactly what you need to do for your condition. Do your own research. Schedule a meeting with two different nutritionists (you’ll get a more information with two different people). Don’t just take a walk. Go to the gym and hire a trainer so you don’t get hurt and don’t waste your time. You need to make exercise and eating properly a priority; it’s for your health. Feeling awful is your body telling you that you need to make changes.

While there are conditions that cannot be reversed with a healthy lifestyle, being active and eating nutritious foods and keeping your bodyfat percentage in the fit zone, will make you feel better, possibly prevent future medical issues, and may even help in having to take less medication.

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