Two worst foods

stop eating cookies

Two of the worst foods, according to the movie “Diet Fiction” are sugar and saturated fat. If you’re eating sugary foods and unhealthy saturated fats, you’re increasing your chances of heart disease, cancer and a slow metabolism.

Saturated fat = high LDL cholesterol, that’s the bad kind. If your doctor says your LDL is high, he’ll want to put you on medication, which will lead to higher medical costs, and risks of other problems (side effects from the drug(s)).

Saturated Fatty Foods:

Butter increases Alzheimer’s disease risk by three times. It’s not healthy, stop eating it. Use olive oil instead, but reduce all oils, or eliminate them completely.

Coconut oil has 60% of its calories from saturated fats

Eggs have 20% of its calories from saturated fat. Remove the yolk if you want to eat eggs.

Meat is the 2nd worst of all saturated fats. Meat is the #1 food most associated with weight gain. The leanest red meat has at least 40% of its calories from saturated fat.

Dairy – You don’t need to eat dairy, that’s a myth pushed by the dairy industry; cheese is the 1st worst saturated fatty food.

Bacon – I don’t care if you are on a keto diet, bacon is not healthy! If you feel best on a ketogenic diet, try vegan keto with fats from dry-roasted almonds, chia seeds, and avocado.

Chicken – the leanest chicken breast meat has at least 30% of its calories from saturated fat

Wild salmon – the leanest has at least 20% of its calories from saturated fat

Tofu – 40% from saturated fat

Nuts – 80% from saturated fat

If you have high cholesterol, or it’s on the high side, you want to limit, or avoid foods that contain saturated fats. That may mean going on a vegan diet. Changing the way you eat is challenging, but it sure beats chemotherapy.

Source: Diet Fiction. Dir Michal Siewierski. 2019. Film. Amazon.

Photo: Sugar cookies made with butter are delicious, but they promote inflammation, induce insulin spikes and high blood sugar, cause weight gain, and cause you to crave sugary-processed foods the more you eat them. If you can’t survive without your sweet snacks, I have a sweet tooth too, check out my no-sugar, low-oil, good-for-you treats from my dairy-free dessert cookbook at


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