Are you inadvertently eating arsenic?


Arsenic is a poison, and it is naturally occurring in the food we eat and drink. Too much arsenic is associated with cancer and death (1, 2). Since rice has a substantial amount of arsenic, I’ve reduced my rice consumption, or I’ll eat white rice instead of brown rice. By removing the outer kernel of brown rice, it lowers the amount of arsenic.

Arsenic is in practically everything we eat, but we can reduce the amount by making small changes such as eating apples instead of apple juice, eating oranges instead of orange juice, and buying drinking water that’s been filtered several times (2).

Bottle water can, and in some cases, has exceed the FDA’s maximum threshold for arsenic (1). I buy bottled water, but I also pour it through a water filter I have on my counter at home (I bought it at Bed, Bath & Beyond). By double-filtering my water, I’m reducing the amount of contaminants, not just arsenic. Buying the filters costs more, but my water tastes better, and I feel it’s a good investment in my health.


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