Which diet works?


If a diet produces fat loss, but the weight comes back, that’s not a diet that works. You want a diet that’s sustainable, one that’s flexible enough so that the weight stays off. This diet works because it’s flexible enough so you can go out to eat, have desserts, and eat the foods you enjoy, without counting calories, excessively limiting carbs, or eating a lot of protein.

So, what is this diet? The High-Five Diet, is a dairy-free diet and nutrition book with over 50 delicious dairy-free recipes. A dairy-free diet has been shown to reduce cholesterol, clear up skin conditions, alleviate stomach issues like bloating and cramping, and rids the body of excess bodyfat. It’s up to you decide if you love milk and cheese more than looking and feeling good. Once my clients stop eating dairy, they are thinner, happier, and have a ton more energy. They even tell me that they don’t crave dairy products anymore.

With the carbohydrate and calorie-controlled dairy-free recipes provided, High-Five Diet proprietary program, tips and tools, this plan is not only easy to follow, it’s a healthy-food promoting plan that can reverse or protect against many diseases, that you can use for the rest of your life that will get rid of that unhealthy excess weight once and for all.

order your copy and start your new weight loss program today.

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